We have equipped our workshop with the latest diagnostic equipment.
This investment provides us with all the technical data necessary to carry out not only code reading but to also check the operating voltages of individual components on your engine management system and to switch those components on and off to verify their operation or failure.
This is where you save money when you are presented with a malfunction indicator as without the ability to check individual components the only option your garage has is to fit new parts until they find the one to cure the fault.

Diagnostic Code Reading starts at only £29.95

Timing Belts

Regular and correct replacement of your timing belt kit (we recommend replacement of tensioners and idler pulleys when replacing belts to ensure warranty compliance) is essential in protecting your engine from possible serious damage.

Engine types are classified as free-running or interference. The failure of the timing belt on an interference engine could well damage the engine beyond the cost of economical repair.

We only use quality timing belt kits to ensure your safety but can still offer you highly competitive prices due to our expertise in this field.

Call our receptionist with your vehicle registration and he will give you full details of your engine type, recommended replacement interval and a quotation for replacement.

NB Some manufacturers do not give recommended intervals for replacement. In these circumstances we would recommend maximum intervals of 60,000 miles or five years, so if you buy a used car always ask if the timing belt has been changed and when it was done.