Air Conditioning

Your vehicle air conditioning is a complex system and needs to be regularly operated all year round.

Systems that are left inactive for too long will suffer from dried out seals and consequent loss of refrigerant which will prevent the pump from operating. It should also be remembered that the system will lose up to 10% of its refrigerant each year and should be re-gassed about every third year to keep the system at its optimum performance.

The system also includes a pollen filter which if left unattended will block with dust particles and can cause breathing problems to some people.

If you haven’t tried it before put your air conditioning system on when clearing misted windscreens. You will be amazed how quickly the dry air clears the screen and keeps it clear.

Air Con System Re-gas

from £89.95

Air Con System Service (inc: pollen filter)

from £119.95

DPF Systems

Modern diesel vehicles have diesel particulate filter systems which gather carbon particles in the exhaust and shoulder-burn them at regular intervals.

Unfortunately modern driving of short journeys and stop-start motoring prevent the system from getting hot enough to burn these deposits and motorists often then get a warning light to show the system has malfunctioned.

Dealers have been happy to replace these units at prices running into £1000 plus when regenerating the system manually by raising the temperature of the exhaust by injecting additional fuel is sufficient to clear the filter.

Our latest diagnostic equipment often enables us to carry out a static regeneration of your DPF system rendering replacement un-necessary and the operation usually only takes around an hour.

DPF Regeneration

from £39.95